LED - Light Emitting Diodes

Illumination of yacht salon depends on many factors, such as room size, distance to ceiling,  arrangement, colour and intended atmosphere to be created.


LED-Lights fit especially well for this purpose. The right choice of colour temperature and colour rendering index help to present the interior in realistic colors.

Still, the most important positive feature of LED-lights is saving of energy. LED-illumination has the highest energy efficiency. In comparison to other light sources, it converts the most energy into light. Moreover, LED-lights also have many other positive characteristics:

  • environmentally compatible
  • switch without delay
  • large number of operation cycles
  • good colour rendering index

Internal LED-illumination

In places, where light is desired, even though scarce amount of energy is available, LED-lights are a great alternative. Our small and flat forms of mounting lights are very suitable for boats and caravans. 


Very low energy consumption, robust waterproof framework, small and compact design allow to use the lights not only as spreader lights or spotlights on board but also for illumination of work places or production areas.